Car Wash Brush with Soft Bristle for Auto RV Truck Boat Camper Exterior Washing Cleaning


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    • 12 inch quad all sided car wash brush head
    • Super soft bristles won't scratch paint
    • Durable car cleaning brush
    • Bristles have better resilience
    • Can be used as Flow-Thru brush or dip brush for car
    • 12 Inches Long Heavy Duty Quad Scrub Brush Head
    • Material: Super soft bristles
    • The features brush bristles on all sides for maximum cleaning
    • Bristle Scrub Brush is gentle to the paint surface
    • It holds soap and water well as you are moving from the bucket to the vehicle
    • A regular STANDARD threaded paint roller handle will fit the brush
    • Make Cleaning Easy
    • The long arm makes it easier to access the top of the vehicle to clean
    • The long handle makes it easy to scrub the wheels
    • Quad Brush Head is easy to clean all kinds of surfaces from many different angles



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Is any metal used in the head of this brush or is it 100% plastic?

    A:There is no metal in brush but base is made from very durable hard plastic. Really like, have used it for over a year to care for 3 vehicles and after 100 uses is still in great shape. Also fairly soft bristles are as easy on paint as a brush can be. Plan to buy another soon.


    Q:Can this brush be used in hot water? Bought the yellow brush and the hot water melted and mated it very disappointed

    A:I use hot water all the time. It has not affected the brush at all




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