Car Dresser Nippon Paint Sparkle All-In One Dresser 250ml


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    Nippon Paint All-in-one dresser is a multi-purpose dresser that can be applied both on the exterior and interior. A high quality water based product that provides complete dressing solutions for all substrates imparting excellent gloss and finish. It imparts sparkle to metal, plastic, vinyl and rubber parts.
    Restores Shine & Gloss  : The all-in-one dresser helps attain the shine and gloss of exteriors as well as interiors since it is water based.
    Non-Greasy Finish : This dresser helps impart non-greasy finish and even a sparkling shine to all exteriors and interiors as well.
    Multi-Purpose : The all-in-one dresser is used for multi purposes and on mostly all types of surfaces be it rubber, vinyl, plastic, glass, chrome, etc. It ensures a sparkling shine on thorough cleaning with a sponge.
    Lasts Longer : It lasts longer as it provides different purposes for which it can be used and on mostly all types of surfaces including rubber, vinyl, glass, etc.
    Usage : -
    • Clean the surface and dry
    • Shake well before use
    • Spray onto clean sponge
    • Apply on dashboard uniformly
    • Wipe excess product as necessary
    • Allow to dry
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