Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin


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    This coin contains a certified silver purity of .9999 by The Royal Canadian Mint, making these coins the highest purity silver coin struck by a government mint.

    Canadian Maple Leafs 

    As the least expensive of the three major precious metals, gold, platinum, and silver, demand for premium silver bullion coins around the world is skyrocketing. And near the top of the demand list is none other than the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. This Canadian coin, the Silver Maple Leaf was first minted in 1988 and is now held in the same highest esteem as its Gold Maple Leaf counterpart.

    An Affordable Diversification Option for all Portfolios

    The truth be told, no portfolio should be without the protection of precious metals in these most uncertain of times. Diversification is the key and the Silver Maple Leaf offers an affordable option for investors and collectors alike. Before markets correct let silver protect.

    Recognized Around the Globe as The Finest

    The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is truly unique. Of all the silver bullion coins it is the only one that boasts purity of four nines (99.99% pure) and the highest face value of five dollars Canadian. This makes the Silver Maple Leaf easy to buy, easy to sell anywhere in the world. Now anyone can afford some of the finest portfolio protection in the world.

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