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Brown Raisins - 25 Kg


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    Brown raisins have a sweet, fruity flavour and aroma, and are rich golden colour. These raisins have no added oil, sugar or preservatives, and are GMO-free. Flavour filled brown Adrish raisins are great to have in the pantry, ready for a quick snack. Or pop some in lunch boxes; raw food recipes; baked goods; and sweet or savoury dishes.

    Raisins are delicious in porridge or masala rice, or with natural yoghurt. Mix them with other dried fruits, seeds and nuts and make a homemade healthy trail mix. Sweet raisins can be used in chutney or quinoa porridge or even curries.

    Benefits -
    • Helps In Digestion.
    • Helps in treating Infections.
    • Good for Bones.
    • Helps in acidity control.
    Suggestion - Soaking them in water overnight and have them early morning empty stomach is considered very healthy.

    Storage - Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended.


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