Broken Rice

Broken Rice


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    • Properties : Rich in Taste, Pure Quality, Hygienically Packed, Economically Priced, fine Cooking Characteristics, Healthy
    • Moisture : 14% Max
    • Small Brokens of : 1.25 Mm 15% Max
    • Medium Brokens Above : 1.25 Mm 80% Minimum
    • Whole Grain of Rice : 5% Max
    • Quality : 100% Sortex Clean Double Polish

    The fragments of the rice grains are known as broken rice. The rice grains become broken or fragment during the process of drying or at times in the field. This can also break during transport or milling. There are plenty of uses of these broken rice. Mithran Export based in Tamil Nadu provides you with the best quality products at an affordable price. We are known as the best-broken rice exporter from India.

    Like the long-grained rice, the broken rice also has all the nutrients and benefits. Some uses of broken rice are as follows.

    Milling Of Broken Rice
    The broken rice which comes from a rice huller is brown whole grains and the broken rice which comes from a grist mill is white. On milling the Asian rice or the paddy rice 16% broken rice, 50% whole rice, 20% husk and 14% bran and meal are produced.

    Human Consumption
    Because of the dissimilarity of the grains size and shape, the broken rice has a diverse and softer texture compared to the unbroken rice. This can easily absorb the flavours. This takes less cooking time and it also consumes less fuel and used for making rice congees and porridges which take longer time to cook. The broken rice is less expensive and is commonly consumed by people all around the world.

    Industrial Uses
    The small broken rice is used by brewers for manufacturing beer. This is used by the pet food industry. This is also used for feeding livestock and aquaculture. Broken rice is used to make starch which is used as laundry starch or in foods or cosmetic and textile manufacture.

    Health Benefits
    The broken rice of our company is used widely by people for many purposes. These have amazing benefits and will help you stay fit and healthy. These have a high amount of fibre in it which makes bowel movement better and relieves from constipation. Also, it has essential minerals and is easy to digest.

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