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Black Himaj -100 Kg


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    Terminalia chebula, commonly known as black Himej/Black Himaj- or chebulic myrobalan, is a species of Terminalia, native to South Asia from India and Nepal east to southwest China (Yunnan), and south to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
    Black himej has always been praised for its extraordinary healing powers. It is also known as Bal Harad, Kali Harad, Laghu Harad and, Choti Harad. It is believed to destroy innumerous diseases and eliminate all the waste from the body. Black Himej also promotes tissue growth and health and has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
    Health Benefits Of Black Himaj:
    • Black Himaj is chewed to increase the digestion power.
    • If it is consumed after food, it helps to eliminate all the toxic effects due to food poisoning.
    • If it is consumed along with salt, it balances Kapha.
    • If it is consumed with sugar, it balances Pitta and if consumed with ghee, it balances Vata disorders.
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