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biofeedback therapy


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    biofeedback therapy

    Biofeedback is a learning process that combines relaxation training with the use of instruments that measure mind/body processes of which the individual is not normally aware and that can be brought under voluntary control. Everyone uses “feedback” when they look in a mirror reflecting an uneven shave or unmatched clothing.  The reflected information allows for a cleaner shave or a change of clothing so that now “you feel just right.”  With biofeedback, information about the body such as breathing patterns, heart rate and rhythms, muscle tension, sweat gland activity and other measures are seen and heard through colorful graphs, video games and musical tones. The physical measures also reflect emotional states and can help transform anxiety or worry into calm. The goal of training is to gain control over the mind and body simultaneously and to achieve optimal relaxation, greater health, harmony and balance in one’s life.
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