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    • For effortless effect on a variety of outdoor surfaces. choose BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Exterior Satin Enamel paint. This radiant sheen creates a sleek appearance/ with a durable finish that's formulated to withstand wear. It's ideal for trim/ doors and windows but it's also great for shutters and outdoor furniture.

    Ideal for Wood, Vinyl and Fiber Cement Sidings; Stucco, Brick, Masonry and Fences.


    • Use on properly prepared and cleaned coated and uncoated Exterior surfaces.
    • Countersink nailheads, fill and sand smooth.
    • Remove rust, loose or peeling paint. Repair imperfections and sand smooth.
    • Wash off dirt, grease and chalk with detergent and/or powerwash.
    • Remove mildew stains with a mildew stain removing product.
    • Clean and sand new or weathered wood.
    • Scuff sand or degloss smooth or glossy surfaces.
    • Scuff sand or etch metals.
    • Rinse and allow to dry.
    • Caulk windows, doors and other openings.
    • Allow new stucco, plaster and masonry to cure for 30 days before painting.


    A satin sheen creates a pearl-like finish that’s durable and dirt-resistant. It will also resist moisture, fading and stains.

    Best for use in

    Virtually all Exterior surfaces


    250-400 Sq. Ft. per Gallon



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