Beach Towel -500 Pieces

Beach Towel -500 Pieces


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    A Beach towel is generally more brightly colored than other towels, making them easier to spot. Beach towels are comfortable , sand free, light weight and beautiful for occasions when you are willing to enjoy the beach. Beach towels are often thinner than bath towels.
    Its bright colors make it a fun, pretty accessory for water activities and team games. It is slightly thinner than an average towel but its Microfiber material absorbs many times more water than cotton. This towel gets dry much faster than common ones and absorbs liquids more and faster. It is sand-resistant, therefore you can use it to dry your skin and hair after a dip in the water without worrying about sand sticking onto you! Use it as a beach or picnic mat, and easily shake the sands off on the beach even when it gets wet.


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