Basmati Rice - 100 Kg

Basmati Rice - 100 Kg


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    Product Details:

    • Features Longer Shelf Life, Delicious Taste, Rich in Aroma, 100% Clean, Premium quality Rice
    • Moisture 12% Max.
    • Average Grain Length 8.3+mm Min. Before Cooking
    • Broken 1-2% Max.
    • Foreign Material Nil
    • Black Grain Nil
    • Crop Year Current & 1 Year Old

    Additional Information:

    Delivery Time Within 20 days from the date of receipt of payment instrument and confirmation of artwork.

    Basmati rice is highly in demand due to its amazing shape, texture, colour and aroma. This comes as no surprise that it is a staple food item of South Asian countries. Mithran Export, Tamil Nadu provides you with good quality products and make sure our customers and clients are happy and satisfied with our products. We are known as the best basmati rice exporter from India.

    Health Benefits Of Basmati Rice:
    Apart from the flavor and delicious taste, basmati rice provides you with a host of health benefits. Some of which are as follows:

    This Helps In Weight Loss:
    While the scientific community stands divided on the role of rice in weight loss, rice gets a poor reputation nonetheless. However, basmati rice is an exception to the rule. Basmati rice is loaded with a starch known as amylose which contributes to the non-sticky and fluffy texture. This also slows down the starch digestion process and makes your feel full for a long time. As the body takes a longer time to digest basmati rice.


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