Basements & Water Management

Basements & Water Management


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    We pride ourselves on the drain systems we have installed for one reason alone. They work. You will find our “drainage plan” now on many local architectural and engineering drawings. Where other contractors put drainage at the bottom of the importance list, we put it #1. If the basement leaks, we’re out of business. Not going to happen.

    Basements are our specialty because they are the most fun. We have done so many that we literally do them in our sleep. At least George does. We love excavating a ten-foot deep basement, on a 2 to 1 hillside slope, and seeing the wonder in our client’s eyes when the job is done. And guess what. We guarantee no water intrusion into the new basement spaces. If you love your neighborhood, with no space left for expansion, give us a call. Basement square foot costs are way less than additions. Permits are much easier to obtain.

    Basement & Water Management services include:

    • Storage and Living Space basements
    • Hillside basements
    • Basement replacements
    • Hillside garages

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