Baluster Installation Service in Inglewood

Baluster Installation Service in Inglewood


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    Why Baluster Installation?

    Whether you want to invigorate your entry way with a beautiful new staircase complete with new balusters and railing, or you simply want to update your existing staircase with a more contemporary railing, your staircase’s new look.  We’ll come to your home for a free initial consultation and take the necessary measurements. Then we will have a brainstorming session and develop a free estimate around a new architectural stair design including new stair layouts and railings based on your objectives and your own design style.

    Why Choose Us

    We pride ourselves in providing a complete solution with our staircase installation services. From the design to the construction and installation of your new staircase, we provide expert service for every customer and never leave a job unfinished. Plus, we use only the best premium lumber and a mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create beautiful staircases that are expertly made.

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