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Badam-e-kheer 140g -12 Quantity


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    A melange of superior taste and good health, Badam E Kheer is an exquisitely developed ready-to-eat rice pudding. Without any synthetic colours or preservatives, it provides the body with various essential nutrients, while tasting as good as home-cooked. Enriched with Almond, Elaichi and other herbs, and goodness of several other natural ingredients, it is a promise of better health in every bite.. Devour your favourite Kheer infused with the goodness of nature.


    Delicious in taste. Easy to cook. Has several health benefits. No added synthetic colours or preservatives.


    Aloe Vera, Almond, Rice and Elaichi.

    HOW TO USE:-

    Open the packet of Badam E Kheer and mix in 1kg of boiling milk. Keep the mixture on low flame for around 20 minutes. Cool it and keep it in a refrigerator. Once cold, take the dish out and enjoy the healthy and delicious Badam E Kheer.


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