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Anti-oxidant Tea 250g


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    Plucked from the green tea estates of Assam, Anti-oxidant tea is specially crafted with CTC tea leaves, which work wonder on your health. Enriched with various medicinal benefits, this product can help eliminate several health disorders and keep you fit and active. It contains good antioxidants called catechins that have a detoxifying effect on your body. IMC’s Anti-Oxidant Tea contains more anti-oxidants as compared to spinach, beetroot, cabbage, carrot, maize and more than 22 other fruits and vegetables. Kick-start your day with the cup of good health and stay strong and active the whole day.


    Helps prevent ageing and chronic ailments. Takes care of oral and dental health. Keeps you strong and active all day long.


    Assam Tea Leaves

    HOW TO USE:-

    Take a cup of hot water. Put Anti-oxidant tea in the water. Stir the mixture. Enjoy the cup of good health.

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