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Aloe Amla Candy 200g


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    The health benefits of Amla are limitless and the fruit is always revered as a wonder fruit that is a power source of various vitamins and nutrition. Enriched with various effective natural ingredients, this candy has the potential to curb numerous health problems including sore throat, cold, constipation, fever, diarrhoea, dysentery, and arthritis.Many people hesitate in consuming raw amla due to its peculiar taste. We don’t want you to refrain from its undeniable benefits and therefore we have for you a tastier version of this small yet powerful fruit. It comes in 4 different flavours: Aloe Amla Sweet Candy, Aloe Amla Spiced Candy, Aloe Amla Betel (Paan) Flavoured Candy, and Aloe Amla Black Currant Flavoured Candy.


    Helps fight several health ailments like cold, sore throat, fever, dysentery, etc. Improves the immune and digestive system. Strengthens heart, liver, teeth, and bones. Purifies the blood and manages cholesterol


    Aloe Vera, Amla, Pippali and Lemon.

    HOW TO USE:-

    Take 25gm Aloe Amla Candy everyday.

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