Alkaline & Anti-bacterial Ceramic Balls

Alkaline & Anti-bacterial Ceramic Balls


  • Maheshkumar Chaudhari

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    Alkaline & Anti- bacterial Ceramic Balls make the water Alkaline and Anti- Bacterial. Also activate the minerals and remove free radicals in the water.


    Alkalize and increase water's natural antioxidant effect. Restore pH balance in your body. Antioxidant power strengthens body's immune system. Help remove smell in the water.


    Hydrogen ORP Balls, Alkaline Calcium Balls, Potassium Balls, Nano Silver Antibacterial Balls and Negative Ion Balls.

    HOW TO USE:-

    Cut and open the pouch. Replace the Ceramic Balls with existing ones. Your Bottle is ready for producing Alkaline Mineral Water. Replace the Ceramic Balls after taking 300 litres of Water.

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