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Ajra Ghansal Rice


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    Ajra Ghansal Rice, a small grain rice variety grown in Kolhapur District in Maharashtra is a specialty of this region and is famously tagged with GI tag to place called Ajara. The rice is aromatic and attractive, and hence the name Ghan-Sal. Grown in black soil, this rice boasts of medicinal properties. As this rice is mildly polished, make sure that you soak the rice for 2-3 hours before cooking. The water after the strain can be used for cosmetic purposes including as hair shampoo.


    1. It is easy to digest.

    2. Has low Glycemic Index. It is a complex carb, hence helps in slow release of sugar. Thus, its good for diabetics.

    3. Gluten Free.

    4. Good Baby Food.


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