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Air Duct Cleaning


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    When summer hits and the balmy weather sets in; we rejoice in the coolness of our air conditioners. Air duct cleaning is essential in order to take full advantage of the cooling system. The air ducts and filters must be kept clean. Air ducts and filters accumulate dust, odors, and even dust mites which can trigger allergies. How can you enjoy a cool interior if it’s causing you to sneeze? When the air ducts or filters are dirty the system works inefficiently and uses extra electricity. After our service, you can breathe easy and enjoy the cool air.

    Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning?  

    One of the most popular questions our customers ask when they begin researching is how the air duct cleaning process works and how one is to determine whether the vents need cleaning or not.

    • Use a screwdriver, remove a floor or wall register.
    • Using a mirror and flashlight, observe the condition of the ductwork.

    What Do I Need To Know? 

    What You Need To Know About Duct Cleaning Air Duct Cleaning is a lot more complicated than just blowing out the vents in your home. Your air ducts are only part of the overall Heating Ventilation and Furnace System, which include the following components: Return vents, Supply vents, Coils, Drain pan, Vent registers, Air plenum, Blower, Motor and Assembly, Heat Exchanger, Air Cleaner & Air Filter. The main reason why residential homes should have their ducts cleaned is because they accumulate dust! This accumulation can be the cause of a myriad of problems, including increased need for dusting, poor heating, and cooling performance, and musty odors. While normal, repeated cycling of dust in a home can increase the need for air duct cleaning, other factors may push the air duct cleaning timetable forward even more, including * Pets * Occupants with allergies or asthma * Cigarette or cigar smoke * Water contamination or damage to the home / Furnace system * Home renovation or remodeling projects.

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