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Adoption Lawyers


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    What do Adoption Lawyers do?

    An adoption lawyer will help you throughout the entire adoption process. They can help you find the right agency, especially if you are a non-traditional family (some adoption agencies are religious in nature and will only adopt to heterosexual married couples). They can also help you pursue an independent adoption and can assist in intrafamily adoptions, such as adopting your niece if something were to happen to her parents.

    The lawyer will prepare the paperwork for you, attend any necessary court appearances, and make sure you comply with your state’s laws and requirements. While it’s absolutely possible to pursue adoption without a lawyer, there are pitfalls along the way which could lead you to losing the child, even after you’ve already painted the nursery.

    Private Adoptions

    private adoption is one in which the birth parents or birth mother voluntarily places their child, and they often choose the family. Adoption agencies assist the process by helping prospective families find birth parents with a suitable child. This differs from public adoption, where children are adopted from foster care. Public adoption can be a fast way to adopt an older child, but infants are less likely to end up in foster care.

    Interstate Adoptions

    Sometimes you may have to look further in finding the right child. Adopting a child across state lines is more complicated, (even when in some cases ‘across state lines’ can be a very short distance) because of something called the Interstate Compact on Placement of Children. This was put into place to protect children from being moved because of a shortage of foster care placements, but extends to adoptions.

    Contested Adoptions

    The most stressful circumstance is a contested adoption. This most often happens when one parent wants to put the child up for adoption, but the other doesn’t. Most often the mother will try to get the child adopted, and the father might change his mind and want to keep the child. Another situation is when the birth father does agree, but DNA testing reveals the child is not biologically his. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that these things don’t come out until the adoption process has already begun, entangling the prospective adoptive parents in the mess.

    Adoption lawyers help prospective parents through the entire process, like finding an agency to finalize the adoption. It’s vital for prospective parents to have a good lawyer who specializes in adoption law as a practice, so that they can get through things smoothly and with minimal stress. If you are looking for an adoption lawyer that can help you through the process











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