Acoustical Ceiling Tile 48"X24"

Acoustical Ceiling Tile 48"X24"


  • A Tamam Construction

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    GoMix R1 wall putty is a white cement & a mineral based putty for use on cement concrete-mortar interior walls for smoother & stronger adhesion and best suited to minimize paint cost and extend its durability.

    Use of best quality imported additives and advance manufacturing process makes it better than other wall putties due to its better water resistance, workability, smoothness and durability.




    • Premium Quality: We manufacture premium wall putty by German technology
    • Experts Supervision: Our manufacturing process in kept under supervision of experienced Chemical Egnineers
    • Raw Materials: We use pure calcite stone and dolomite with high purity and imported polymers
    • Machinery: We use the latest advanced technology from Germany. The machines are fully aotomated
    • Appearance: Our wall putty is extra white in colour, smooth when applied on walls, extra coverage and more strength

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