95-100 Gallon (50/Count w/Ties, Wholesale) Large Black Heavy Duty Trash Bags, Super Value Pack


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    • These giant 95-96 gallon large black trash bags are ideal for extra-large rollaway cans.
    • SUPER VALUE 50/COUNT BOX: Each box contains (50) plastic garbage bags so you'll have plenty for months to come.
    • JUMBO SIZE TRASH BAGS: With a 95-100 gallon capacity these garbage bags are perfect for the home/ the office/ the garage or the backyard.
    • MULTIPUROSE WASTE BAGS: Measuring 61” wide x 68” tall the black trash bags can be used to pick up a variety of things including leaves/ twigs/ weeds and debris.



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Are these individually folded and static free?

    A:No they are not , have to pull them apart.


    Q:Are these see through

    A:no, solid black
    Q:Is there any printing or disclaimer label or sticker on the bags
    A:No the bags are all black. Love them.
    Q:What is the maximum weight of garbage this thing can hold?
    A:More than one man could carry. Most of the time it is only 1/2 filled as the reason it was bought was to act as a liner to our over-sized trash can. The ply is not as thick as Hefty Contractor bag but they to not fit our trash can.

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