64-65 Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Bags for Toter, (50 Count w/Ties) Large Garbage Bags, 50"W x 60"H, Black


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    • Extra tall for Toter? 64 - 65 gallon trash cans - won't slip into can! These 64 gallon black garbage bags are made a whole foot longer at 50" x 60" giving you lots of extra height to work with!
    • Large Black Trash Bags/ Tear And Leak- resistant garbage bags which makes it prefect for construction sites/ workshops.
    • Extra large trash bags - Wider Bags means less bags needed for your clean up. Equivalent to 1.5 Mil in Durability
    • 64 - 65 gallon heavy duty trash bag that can fit your Toter and Rollaway trash cans!



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Will they fit my rollaway; opening 19x24, 37" high?

    A:Yes they definitely will.
    Q:Do these have an added scent?
    A: No, these do not have an added scent.
    Q:Will these fit moving boxes that are 26" tall and 20" square?
    A:Theses will be plenty big
    Q:Do the bags come with ties?
    A:There are no ties but large enough that you can tie top

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