5-Inch NO-Hole Sanding Discs Hook and Loop 1000 1200 1500 2000 3000 Grit Assorted Sandpaper Random Orbital Sander Round Detail Sander Paper (60PCS)


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    • PREMIUM QUALITY : These are made of aluminium oxide abrasive. Durable/ abrasion resistance and anti-static that is ideal for polished metal/ wood/ jade/ furniture during high speed sanding. Anti-clog coating with premium aluminum oxide abrasive and helps achieve an optimal sanding.
    • GOOD SANDING EFFECT : Durable aluminum oxide abrasive offers faster cutting and stearate coating that resists clogging; premium Resin on resin bond system for heat resistance gives smooth finish.
    • EASY TO USE: The hoop and loop backing makes it easy to install and remove and the 5 inches size fit for most 5 Inch sanding machine.
    • VARIOUS GRITS : Premium package includes 60 sheets of sandpaper in 6 different grits: 1000/1200/1500/2000/3000 (12 pieces each grit). Assorted grits from coarse to fine to satisfy your various polishing requirements with good sanding effect.
    • BROAD SCOPE OF APPLICATION : These sanding discs can be used professionals and home conditions in automotive/ woodworking/ industrial spheres. Mainly applicable to beads/ wooden bead polishing/ Burnish walls/ furniture/ cars/ boats and other industry of metallic and non-metallic materials in addition to grinding burrs/ solder joint.
    • 12pcs x 1000 grit Hook and Loop Mouse Sanding Discs
    • 12pcs x 1200 grit Hook and Loop Mouse Sanding Discs
    • 12pcs x 1500 grit Hook and Loop Mouse Sanding Discs
    • 12pcs x 2000 grit Hook and Loop Mouse Sanding Discs
    • 12pcs x 3000 grit Hook and Loop Mouse Sanding Discs



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