42 Inch Unstretched - 84 Inch Fully Stretched - Red Moving Rubber Bands - Includes 12 Big Rubber Bands


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    • USES- Secure items in a variety of applications such as keeping moving blankets secured to items for moving or storage/ keeping items together on pallets/ holding can liners on/ keeping tarps in place/ keeping drawers closed and much more!
    • SECURE- These thick rubber bands have ribbing to keep bands in place and keep items secure. You can trust these heavy duty rubber bands to keep items where you want them.
    • PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL - Whether you are a professional mover or doing a one-time move of your home these large rubber bands are essential in keeping your items secure and safe.
    • SPECS - Unstretched Length 42"| Stretched Length 84" | Width 3/4" | Color: Red



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Will these stretch around a refrigerator, or should I buy longer bands?

    A:Yes the bands will fit around a refrigerator
    Q:how far do they stretch to?
    A:These moving bands will typically stretch to almost double their length.
    Q:I would like to use these for a long picnic table to hold on table cloths. Could they be used for this purpose?
    A:Yes, I believe they would work for this application. Please note the size is 42" when measured flat. The overall diameter is 84" and the width of the band is 3/4". I just want to ensure this will not be too large for the table you will be using it for. We do also sell smaller sizes if this one will be too large.
    Q:Will these bands wrap around a queen-size mattress?
    A:This item is 42" (measured flat) with an overall diameter of 84". A typical Queen size mattress is 60" wide. These would have enough stretch to go around a mattress of that size. If your mattress is a pillow top or has additional padding of any sort, you would need to take that into consideration.

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