30 Inch Unstretched - 60 Inch Fully Stretched - Green Moving Rubber Bands - Includes 12 Big Rubber Bands


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    • USES- Secure items in a variety of applications such as keeping moving blankets secured to items for moving or storage/ keeping items together on pallets/ holding can liners on/ keeping tarps in place/ keeping drawers closed and much more!
    • SECURE- These thick rubber bands have ribbing to keep bands in place and keep items secure. You can trust these heavy duty rubber bands to keep items where you want them.
    • PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL - Whether you are a professional mover or doing a one-time move of your home these large rubber bands are essential in keeping your items secure and safe.
    • SPECS - Unstretched Length 30"| Stretched Length 60" | Width 3/4" | Color: Green



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Will these 30" wide rubberbands fit around a stove or refridgerator. What is the best size for appliances.

    A:This all depends on the appliance.
    These rubber band stretch to about double their flat width.


    Q:Anybody have an idea if this would stretch around a rectangular object 30x27"?

    A:This will stretch up to twice its size, so will stretch to 60".
    Q:how wide are these bands?
    A:About an inch.


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