(3 Sizes) 50pc PREMIUM Cushion Foam Pouches or Sheets for Packing, Protection Wrap for Dishes, Plates, Glass, Cups, Mugs, Chinaware, Porcelain, and Valuables for Moving and Storing Supplies



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    • VARIETY PACK: (17x)12'x12' (17x)10'x10' (17x)7.5'x12' Our variety pack has a total of 51 premium grade pouches. Whether its plates/ bowls/ glasses or other valuables we have ALL-IN-ONE package for you! No matter what size needed you will have the best protection!
    • WHY POUCHES: This variety pack can be used as sheets or pouches giving you an all-in-one purchase! It’s a quicker/ easier and more cost-effective way for protecting fragile items!
    • THICK FOR BEST PROTECTION: Don't worry we have already done the shopping for you! Above the competition by using ONLY premium high grade EPE foam/ there is a difference! 1/8' thick when used as sheets. 1/16' each side as a pouch. It’s not too thin/ not too thick but just right! Never settle for anything less!
    • WATER RESISTANT/ STATIC-FREE AND SHOCKPROOF: When storing or moving items there's other elements of concern/ you get the peace of mind that your items are safe from any type of moisture build up or static build up which can be a fire hazard!



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