2PK Air Conditioning Service Wrench Step Hex Key Adapter | HVAC Valve Opener 3/16 x 5/16


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    • EXCLUSIVE TRAITS: Tool fits both the 3/16' and 5/16' Hex valves common on most air conditioner service ports.
    • CONVENIENT: Use these in combinations with your service wrench for quick opening and closing of liquid and suction valves. With the small size you are able to fully backseat the valve with the bit inserted unlike some allan keys where they jam against the electrical panel (especially with the Low side valve).
    • BONUS: If you are ever worried about losing or forgetting tools… we got you on this! Instead of you getting just 1 key out of your purchase you will be getting 2 keys for the price of 1! Save more time and more importantly spend less.
    • QUALITY: Each keys is CNC machined to guaurantee a perfect fit. A shortened tip allows the 5/16' more bite which avoids stripped valves. If you have any problems ever with our tools reach out and we will correct the issue.



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