2PCS Kitchen Sink Strainer


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    • 2PCS Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer
    • Micro-perforation: 2mm dia holes
    • 2-ply metal sheet flat rim to rest over sink's drain
    • Easy wash with warm soapy water



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:If you pour a large amount of water into the sink, will the strainer float up away from the drain or will it stay anchored to the drain?

    A:That's one of the things I really like about this strainer. It stays put when you dump a lot of water into the sink. It is heavy enough not to float. I am old school and use a small tub in my sink when washing dishes and when I pour the tub out the strainer stays put. Hope this helps!


    Q:While using this product, does it create standing water in the sink or does the water drain completely out of the sink?

    A:No, it does not cause water to pool up. I have no idea what some are doing here to cause pools of water. If you've got it filled with food, then of course it may drain slower. Just empty it out into your wastebasket. These things are a perfect fit for a standard US kitchen sink, especially stainless steel. Looks like it was custom made for it! 


    Q:Are the strainers stainless steel or chrome?

    A:Stainless steel.


    Q:Is this 1 or 2?

    A:it's 2.


    Q:Are the edges sharp?

    A:No they are not. Also the edges fit in the sink at a downward angle making it difficult to be cut by them.


    Q:Does all the water drain out of the sink, in the pic it looks like there is a rise around the screen ???

    A:All of the water does drain out. On my sink the drain is recessed slightly lower than the surrounding area, so when you drop these drainers in the water can still drain completely out. I've been really pleased with these drainers.


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