1″ Nano Fiber Flat Iron With Zero Friction Technology - Pink

1″ Nano Fiber Flat Iron With Zero Friction Technology - Pink


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    • Zero Friction. A revolutionary strong nano fiber composite that almost eliminates friction while outlasting other available polymers and ceramics. Our nano fibers are aligned in parallel patterns and incorporated into a polymer thermoplastic base to produce a composite material that exhibits high strength/ low wear and almost ZERO friction.
    • Floating Plate Technology. The plates of this Nano-Fiber Flat Iron are suspended on a flexible membrane which allows active movement of the plates along the central axis. This results in plates that meet perfectly each time.
    • Far Infrared Technology creates electro-magnetic waves of energy that penetrate the hair shaft drying the hair from the inside out. This results in increased moisture in the hair shaft and less damage to the hair.
    • Temperature Control. This feature allows the stylist to select the optimum temperature for the type of hair to minimize damage and enhance styling results.
    • Nano Technology. Nano particles are embedded in the flat iron plates to inhibit bacterial growth. This feature results in cleaner and healthier hair.
    • Negative Ion Technology emits atoms that can stop the growth of bacteria resulting in healthier hair and scalp. Negative ion energy allows smaller water molecules to penetrate into the hair shaft and close the hair cuticle/ which is very good for the health and appearance of the hair.


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