Gain top bucks utilizing your excess space.

Turn your space into a money-making machine by earning top dollars utilizing the extra room you have. By monetizing and distributing supplies to businesses worldwide, get a revenue boost for fulfilling orders from companies all over!

Utilize your space today:

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Utilize your space today:

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Our team will set up your space with all the equipment, remodeling, and products quickly so that you can sit back and enjoy the cash.

Our requirements to qualify

● Be at least 18
● Minimum 1,000 square foot /90 meters
● Very good communication
● Liability insurance coverage

How It Works:

List your space for free

Easy signup process which takes 48-72 hours.

Offer amenities & extra

Provide just your space or workforce for extra dollars

Get paid everytime!

We pay you monthly for the space and weekly for the workforce.

Expand all over with the Renesent landlord assistant program

Renesent provides flexibility and gathers expansion opportunities for our landlords to explore different cities and states. Still, work when you like and travel, all while bringing in the bacon. We support landlords with equipment, workforce, property purchase and lease, and other factors affecting a landlord's ability to make cash.

Customers are loving Renesent

Renesent made it easy to ship orders, especially in our most difficult times with such long delays. Renesent was able to help me send my products as fast as possible, with a fantastic customer support team who are always ready and willing to help.

- Rafael S. Morisson

Renesent was able to help me promptly ship all my products across the U.S. The support team is always there to help with any issues during the process. Most excellent company to help assist exporting products.

- Robert D. Stephens

Renesent helped me tailor a campaign to an audience that targeted all of my local audiences in my area. Using this process, I could ship orders locally and all across the U.S. without delay.

- Sandra M. Willick