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      The Renesent Standards

      What we believe in

      Let's face it. It's not easy to become a supplier for Renesent. Typically, only 2 out of 10 applicants make it through our stringent evaluation process. We would not put anything on your plate that we wouldn't put with pride on ours.

      1. All fruits and vegetables have to be 100% organically produced. Farmers supplying the products have to be USDA certified as organic producers. The farming techniques have to sustainable and free of synthetic pesticides, irradiation, growth hormones, and fungicides.  
      2. Organic beef and poultry must be free of growth-enhancing hormones and sub-therapeutic antibodies. Cattle must be pasture grazed, and poultry must be raised on organically-produced feed.
      3. Suppliers of juices, tonics, and bakery products have to be USDA certified as organic producers.
      4. None of the products we sell can contain artificial preservatives or synthetic additives. We do not allow the use of refined sugar or flour in any of our products.
      5. All packaging has to be 100% biodegradable or re-usable.
      6. Transportation of the products must be in sanitized and climate control vehicles.
      7. We continually take random batches from our deliveries and send them for testing to professional labs for the above-mentioned criteria.

      No additives, preservatives or flavorings ever.

      The following products, which are commonly used as ingredients, additives, preservatives or flavorings in the food industry, will NOT be found individually or as ingredients in the products sold at Renesent:

      • Refined Flour
      • Refined Sugar
      • Yeast Extract (unless Organic or non-GMO)
      • Corn Syrup
      • Corn Starch (unless Organic or non-GMO)
      • Soybean Oil (unless Organic or non-GMO)
      • Rapeseed Oil (unless Organic or non-GMO)
      • Canola Oil (unless Organic or non-GMO)
      • High Fructose Corn Syrup
      • Sodium Benzoate
      • Maltodextrin (unless Organic or non-GMO)
      • Monosodium Glutamate
      • Natural Flavors (unless source is stated and approved)
      • Artificial Flavors and Colors


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