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      Renesent’s Online Marketplace Connects Suppliers To Buyers at the Touch of a Button.

      We deliver security, safety and quality of each buyins and selling transaction. Because our marketplace connects suppliers to buyers on an easy to use platform.

      Liquidate your excess stock quickly on our online marketplace

      Renesent’s online marketplace connects suppliers to buyers and wholesalers to provide easy and secure transactions. The suppliers ship globally and Renesent ensures the quickest possible delivery. Hence you can upload all your inventory with 100% confidence. Besides our platform allows your to widen your buying and selling avenues.

      Renesent’s online marketplace connects suppliers to buyers for a win-win solution

      Never run out of stock – Our marketplace connects suppliers to buyers

      We connect suppliers to buyers and allow our buyers to buy products at a fraction of the original cost. Besides, the ease of transaction means that your purchase is only one click away.

      • Due to geographic proximity between suppliers and buyers, a lot of the orders can be shipped on a same-day delivery basis.
      • In addition, all our suppliers are genuine sellers.
      • We also offer multiple shipping options to suit your convenience and budget.
      • All our suppliers ship to any global destination.
      • The transactions offer complete transparency to our buyers, by listing the contact details of each supplier.
      • Finally, wherever possible, we arrange pre-shipment samples.

      Fastest and Lowest Cost Deliveries in the World

      Our warehouse and distribution centers are where all the products are stored. Therefore, we currently stock products from over 100 industries, and 3,000 suppliers. We guarantee same-day shipping on all purchases. Besides, we only work with premium carrier fleets thereby ensuring speedy delivery. Hence, there is no lag between your order and our shipment. In addition, we provide live tracking of all your shipments. Thereby keeping you updated on the delivery status of each shipment.

      Buy with Small Business and Big Enterprise Solutions that Meet your Needs

      Buy with confidence on the marketplace connecting suppliers to buyers

      Furthermore, buyers can opt for same-day shipment or schedule a date and time for pick up, in case you want to use your shipping services. We also offer a transparent cost structure for all our services including labor costs, logistics, and shipping costs.

      Liquidate Excess Stock Quickly or Buy at Wholesale Prices. Win-win for Buyers and Sellers

      Our two-tiered plan offers a basic self-service option where the buyer or seller transacts independently. Meanwhile, the premium plan, gives you a dedicated account executive who offers you details of relevant buyers and sellers from our database. Therefore allowing you to connect instantly with the buyer or seller.

      Elevate Your Business To Super Supplier

      Renesent’s multi-location warehouses, dedicated drivers, and global fulfillment and distribution centers ordering and receiving your shipments have never been easier. This also means that it’s easy to scale up your business operations with our global logistic solutions.

      A Marketplace That Connects Supplier To Buyers Around The World.

      Add our technological solution to your site

      Your clients would love to order your items and view their fastest low cost delivery options at their fingertips. Create a consumer trustworthy experience to your customers. You won’t be disappointed. We guarantee it!

      Start selling your products today!

      • Best and only on-demand delivery  
      • Any packages, any industry
      • Manage your inventory
      • Upload images, rates, details
      • Track orders and shipments

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      • Fulfillment, pick-up, delivery booking
      • Ship to details and management
      • Any package any size
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