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      We love our suppliers

      Our suppliers love us because they think like us. They also cherish the earth and its produce and like us, they are also passionate about uncontaminated food. Our strict standards mean that products on our shelves are natural and organic, and are made with the highest quality of ingredients.
      Besides, we constantly strive to work with suppliers who share our values. From those who have preserved heritage seeds and traditional techniques to those who are on the cutting edge of innovation. Our suppliers are true partners, and we are here to help each other grow.
      As an independent grocer, we like to give smaller brands a chance. This allows us to be nimble and bring exciting products to our shelves. As an independent grocer, it is this unique mix of products combined with passionate suppliers and customers that have kept us in business for fifty years. We are so eternally grateful, and we thank you.

      Quality guaranteed

      Discovering and featuring new and innovative products is at the core of what we do! We are very interested in receiving information about your company and products.

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      Below is the list of our approved Items:

      • Grocery items include dry goods, dairy, frozen, & general merchandise
      • Whole Body items include supplements, body care, apparel, and lifestyle items
      • Prepared Foods
      • Produce
      • Meat
      • Seafood
      • Specialty, which includes cheese, beer, & wine

      To be considered, all products must meet our Quality Standards . Please ensure you list all ingredients in your online submission; the ingredient list on our public website is only a partial list intended for screening products. Our buyers will provide you with a full list and conduct a comprehensive review your product if it is selected.

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