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    Fill in your Renesent supplier membership and get instant access to thousands of domestic and global buyers.

    Just fill in your supplier membership and sign up to become an authorized seller on our global marketplace platform. Thereby giving you instant access to over 10,000 registered domestic and global buyers.

    Supplier membership at Renesent brings 10,000 buyers to your doorstep

    Renesent’s online marketplace is a b2b, e-commerce platform where buyers meet suppliers. Our job is to facilitate the ease of transactions, while providing a secure environment for them. We help in expanding your market reach by opening up new markets for your products. Because we try and provide a win-win solution for all, our suppliers can easily liquidate excess stock while our buyers benefit from competitive pricing. Logistic support is also provided to our suppliers so that they can ship products globally.

    Supplier membership increases leads and conversions

    Our marketplace allows you to filter and target relevant buyers with our easy to use tools, allowing you to find the right customer for your product efficiently. We also help in generating leads and speeding up the sales process through our messaging center.

    Access to your dashboard also allows you to upload and update information about your products, as well as managing your orders. This can increase the visibility of your products up to 90%. You can use our client management portal to generate leads and to reach customers.

    Renesent is the leading free online platform that makes it simple to showcase your products to thousands of retail buyers.

    Showcase your products

    Upload your product details and we'll match your products to the correct category buyer

    View product performance

    See how many viewed your product and receive valuable feedback directly from buyers

    Connect directly with buyers

    Interested buyers will connect with you right on Renesent to discuss next steps

    Sell on Renesent

    Manufacturers and distributors who are new to Renesent are existing Professional Sellers that now have a targeted way to reach business customers on Renesent. With tools to enable B2B e-commerce, small businesses to large enterprises to find new ways to engage business customers through a trusted experience.

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