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    Renesent For Retail Small and Medium Businesses

    Renesent retail SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) offers your customers a seamless experience across all channels. SMB retailers are outpacing their bigger chain store rivals. Hence, the Renesent SMB helps the SMB retailers engage more effectively with their customers. Besides, it raises their level of engagement with the brand and improves overall customer experience. It also helps you to strengthen your relationship with your channel partners.

    retail small and medium businesses
    build relations with your customers

    Renesent Retail Small and Medium Businesses for a close and Personal Experience

    Creating great customer experiences in retail is as important as understanding the customer’s behavior. Besides, the customer expects a seamless experience whether they shop online or in your brick and mortar store. Hence, the central focus of our organization is to help you in achieving both objectives.

    We use our technology to create solutions that not only build customer relations but also understand their behavior patterns. When you put the two together, you will get customers who are loyal to your brand.
    Besides, we also help you create and maintain a profile of all your customers so that your on-line and in-store staff have each customer’s profile on their fingertips.

    Lastly, the Renesent retail smb collects data from different business areas including billing, shopping history, and preferences, thereby making it easy to deliver exactly what your customers need

    Uninterrupted Services

    Renesent upgrades your B2C website with its chat feature hence enabling the customers to chat with our service agents and resolve any issues besides clearing any doubts. Thereby we help in creating a better relationship between your brand and your customer. The customer-focused AI bot enables shoppers to have access to all the products and services at all times.
    At Renesent, we offer your customers hassle-free shopping experience and also help in strengthening the bond between your brand and your customers.

    Retail Small and Medium Businesses-Build a Partnership

    Your channel partners including suppliers, distributors, and vendors are as important to the success of your business as your customers. Hence, our SMB platform brings your channel partners on the same platform as you. For instance, each vendor can view stock levels on the shelf, and hence know when they have to send replenishments. Besides, the platform directly connects the channel partners with your in-store sales staff for a quick and easy resolution of any issues.

    Continuous Intelligence Assistance

    Over 5,000 customers trust our automated retail SMB technology and use it to grow their businesses. We also help you keep track of changing customer trends through continuous engagement with your customers.
    Our chatbots enable a constant dialogue between your customer support team and your customers. Hence allowing the support staff to handle complex tasks and also in speedy resolution of any customer issues.

    automated SMB technology

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