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      What is common to brands like Apple, Chanel, Nike, Google, Coca Cola, and Hershey’s, to name just a few? Of course, they are all hugely successful global brands, but what else? After all is said and done, what makes them hugely successful? Why do they all excel at retail customer experience management?

      The simple answer is that none of them are in the business of selling products or services. They are all in the business of evoking emotions, delivering experiences, and building relations.

      In essence, they all focus on delivering great customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. This is a part of their DNA, and we at Renesent can build on that DNA with our retail customer experience management solutions.

      Retail Customer experience management

      1. Evoking Emotions With Renesent’s Retail Customer Experience Management.

      evoking emotions

      Taste the feeling. What a truly amazing and powerful ad-campaign by Coke. Great brand stories always start with evoking an emotion in the consumer. Hence, a product is not just a product, it is a vehicle to evoke an emotion, and over time the product becomes the emotion. The simple fact is that people buy based on emotions and then justify their purchases with logic. Here are some ways in which Renesent’s retail customer experience management can help you identify and evoke these emotions.

      Define the emotions that drive value for your customer.

      The emotions that drive our purchase impulse are buried deep in our subconscious. Therefore, identifying these emotions and associating them with your product or service is the first step towards creating brand loyalty.

      1. Renesent’s retail customer experience management starts by setting up multiple customer feedback touchpoints. These include social media listening, customized feedback surveys and polls, review requests, and data from webchats.

      2. The feedback from these touchpoints is run through our AI analysis to identify the actionable insights that drive customer behavior.

      3. Our marketing team then helps you convert these insights into communication strategies. In particular, these strategies extend from your website to your social media campaigns and across all your brand communications.

      4. We upgrade your website to draw more traffic, thereby ranking it high on the first page of a search. We also optimize your website by adding fresh and original content, long-form keywords, and internal and external links.

      The basic idea behind these strategies is to identify the emotions that customers associate with your brand. Next, we associate those emotions with your product or service through all your brand communications. Remember, a brand is always communicating with its customers through multiple channels. Your website, your brand’s pages on social media, your employees, and your in-store displays are all communication channels that you can use.  

      So what are some of the emotions that customers associate with a brand? What are the emotions that you should associate with your product or service?

      • Chanel connects with its customer by enhancing their sense of self-worth.

      • Coca Cola connects with its customers through happiness.
      • Nike connects with its consumers through leadership.

      How does your brand connect with your customers?  

      delivering experiences

      2. Deliver Experiences With Renesent’s Retail Experience Management.

      chanel enhance your sense of self worth

      What does brand experience mean to the top 1% of the most successful brands, and how do they deliver this experience? The simple answer here is that based on the emotions associated with a brand, the customer has a set of expectations from that brand. Hence, brand experience is meeting and surpassing those expectations at every interaction with the customer. Therefore, you are giving your customer experiences all the time. Such as when they visit your store or website, and when they interact with your employees. Ditto when they acquire your product and every time they use it.

      1. Your employees are your brand ambassadors. The in-store employees, the customer service agents on webchat, and the ones answering your helplines, they are all brand ambassadors. After all, they are the ones interacting with your customers. The top 1% of the brands treat their employees the way they want their customers to be treated.
      2. Every company generates tons of big data, from point of purchase sales data to tons of financial and marketing data. How do we use this data to enhance customer satisfaction?

      Renesent analytics helps you in using this data to enhance the customer experience. All companies have point-of-purchase data, who bought what. We know that ABC bought XYZ on a given date and time. Furthermore, we have ABC’s contact details.

      If you sent a feedback request every month to 10% of customers who bought your products over the past 60-90 days, how many brand ambassadors would you have in just one year? Hence, having big data is one thing but using that data effectively is what really counts. Renesent shows you how to use your big data to create great customer experiences.

      3. Use Customer Experience To Build Relations.

      build relations with customers

      The top 1% of brands are not bottom-line centric. Why? They know that the way to increase sales is not by pushing products but by creating a customer pull for their product, by evoking the right emotions and delivering stellar experiences. Therefore, the most successful brands focus on using the emotions and experiences to build strong relations with their customers. A customer connected emotionally with the brand has a 300% higher lifetime value to the brand.

      Why is there a line outside the Apple store? The simple reason is that these customers have a strong relationship with the brand. The two most valuable assets for the top 1% of brands are their brand reputation and their brand loyal customers. Converting customers into brand advocates closes the customer loop for successful brands.

      There are millions of labels that sell products, but only a handful of true brands. What sets the two apart? Their vision. Short term at labels is the next quarter, medium-term is 2 years and long term is 5 years. Meanwhile, at brands, the short-term is 3 years, medium-term is 5 years and long term is 10years+ That is the secret of their longevity. Consider how long these brands have been around:

      Coca Cola – 128 years
      Hershey’s – 126 years
      Chanel – 110 years
      Nike – 56 years
      Apple 44 years

      At Renesent, we believe that our experience in the retail industry, coupled with our technology-driven solutions, can help your brand stand head and shoulders above your competition. At the end of the day, it’s about helping your brand to evoke relevant emotions, deliver stellar experiences, and build strong relations with your customers.

      Give us a call and find out why we have grown 350% over the past 3 years and why over 5,000 companies trust Renesent.

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