Partner reselling Renesent’s AI technology

We’ve developed a groundbreaking technology that produces a human-like AI system that automates a company’s online presence from marketing, lead generation and multi-platform consumer communication, to email and chat customer support which saves businesses and enterprises a lot of time and money.


Our resellers are making six figures in their first year. Please see your benefits below:

  • Weekly automatic payouts- see your money move EVERY week
  • 10% finder fees- For every lead referred by you
  • 10% monthly residual client management
  • Easy to use partner portal- Literally sign up within seconds
  • Real-time reporting- CONSTANT updates on our progress WHENEVER you want to see it

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Commission & Business Details

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment Cookie days 30 day(s)

Commission type Percent of Sale Base commission 10.00%

Program Application First Name

Last Name Email


Confirm Password Instagram Handle

PayPal Email (This is how you get paid!)


Additional terms Terms of Service:

Want to be part of the Renesent?

Join our Renesent Ambassador Program! About the program:

The Renesent Ambassador Program is great entrepreneurs who want to create an impact in the digital space and make money doing it. Renesent profides our Ambasadors all the tool to create and grow their business and clientele. By signing up to be an ambassador you are committing to be an advocate for our brand. By sharing your affiliate link on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, you will promote our brand in a positive and beneficial way.

For every purchase made through your affiliate link, you will receive a 10% commission.

We make it easy to generate EXTRA INCOME by just placing your custom affiliate link on any of your Facebook pages, Instagram accounts or anywhere that has to do with business marketing and



Ambassador Program Terms

The Renesent Affiliate Program rewards you for referring your friends, family, colleagues and beyond to use our referral tracking software.

As a Renesent affiliate, you receive:

10% recurring commission for sale that is made with your affiliate link. Getting Started

Fill out our Affiliate Registration form and click "Apply" to sign up!

After you complete the online application on the registration page, Renesent will provide email notification within 3-5 business days on average. If approved, you can access your account and start sharing links/banners. Visitors can click and purchase through the links/banners, and if a sale is made through the link, you will receive an account credit.


Commission Fees

Renesent affiliates earn a standard commission rate of 10% for all sales made using their link and/or with an approved email conversion trigger for a direct-billed Renesent subscription. We reserve the

right to reverse commissions due to refunded payments and erroneous subscription crediting.

Commissions are paid out via PayPal. It is your responsibility to ensure your PayPal account details are accurate and up-to-date in order to receive payment.


Restrictions on promotion

The Renesent affiliate program is designed for affiliates to promote via their legitimate channels of influence only. Promotion via paid traffic (including any adword campaign), re-targeting, discount and/or coupon site, or any other method that in the sole discretion of Renesent is not in accordance with the letter and spirit of these terms and conditions will result in any commissions so resulting

being denied and puts your continued participation in the Renesent program in jeopardy.


Legal Compliance

All affiliates must comply with all federal, state and local regulations within your jurisdiction. This includes applicable governing marketing emails (ie CAN-SPAM Act), and all other anti-spam laws. Renesent reserves the right to suspend or remove affiliates from our affiliate program at any time, without warning. Upon termination, you agree to discontinue use of all links, logos, banners and

promotional materials provided to you by Renesent. Affiliates terminated due to malicious publishing tactics will also have commissions revoked and face possible omission from the Renesent network.



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