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      Next-generation lead engagement and qualification platform for the Renesent CRM

      Renesent platform allows you to customise your AI sales assistant and helps you engage all your marketing generated leads at scale.

      Thank you!

      Create the persona that best reflects your brand

      Create your AI assistant’s persona to best fit your brand, from messaging, to personality and tone of voice.

      We are ready to answer all your questions.

      Please call us at 415-212-5211

      How it works

      Conversation Topic Builder & AI Engine

      Through Renesent Conversation Topic Builder, you have the power to fully customise your AI assistant. You can create conversation trees, send relevant attachments, and guide leads along your desired qualification path.


      Intent Classification and Handling Responses

      Define how your Renesent assistant handles different responses from your leads – from requests for more information, enquires about pricing, “now is not a good time” / “we’re already using a competitor” responses and more.

      Conversational Insights and Data Extraction

      Saleswhale's data collection engine allows you to extract insights from unstructured data in email conversations. Collect phone numbers, job title changes, rejection reasons, competitor names etc. and run thematic analysis on your data.


      Renesent is the perfect
      companion to Salesforce

      Renesent integrates seamlessly with Salesforce – the world’s leading CRM.

      Not using Renesent?

      Our developer-friendly Renesent API makes it easy to integrate your workflow with your existing CRM system.


      Design your lead engagement and qualification journey through Renesent’s Conversation Topic Builder

      Renesent’s powerful Conversation Topic Builder allows you to set up intent classification rules, engagement cadences, customise messaging and even has a Content Library for you to deploy attachments and pdfs.


      WE DON'T STOP 24/7

      support Call us today at (415) 212-5211 or email us at hello@renesent.com