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    Online Presence Management

    (OPM), Is The Process of Attracting Traffic to Your Brand by Using Online Management and Marketing Tools.

    What is local online presence?

    A company’s local online presence includes all online sites and pages that display any information about the company. These sites include directory listings, review sites, social media pages, business websites, and store pages. At a minimum, the local listing should include your name, phone number, and address–commonly referred to as NAP data. In addition to NAP, some other useful data that should be included in local listing includes, products and services, hours of operation, menus, and photos.

    What are its key elements?

    As mentioned earlier, online presence management is about attracting traffic to your company. Therefore to optimize your presence, you need to manage the following key elements. Web design and development, blogging, SEO, reputation management, social media, and link sharing are the primary elements of online presence management.

    Benefits of OPM

    Building a strong online presence is much more than just building a website for your business. In addition to your website, you also need to identify and focus on key elements like SEO, and reputation management and optimize each element for a strong online presence. Some direct benefits of a strong online presence include:

    1. Drives sales growth.
    2. Higher brand visibility and accessibility to customer.
    3. Builds customer engagement and satisfaction.
    4. Build brand credibility and brand leadership.

    What does an OPM solution provide?

    Keeping all listings manually updated and consistent for a business is a challenge. However, trying to do it for multi location businesses is virtually impossible. Therefore, a scalable online presence strategy requires one integrated and automated platform for all critical and repeatable functions. This minimizes human error, saves time, and ensures constant, real-time fixes.

    Why should I choose the Renesent online presence management solution?

    Renesent keeps your company’s listings updated and consistent across 50+ platforms including Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo. It automatically syncs any changes across all sites. All you need to do is to update the information on your dashboard.

    Renesent creates a custom business profile that shows your customer reviews from all platforms. In addition, it also optimizes for SEO so prospects find it on page 1 of search results.

    Get a clear picture of your business’ online presence management needs with Renesent’s free Scan Your Business tool. A scan gives you an overview of your online reputation across hundreds of sites: see your listings, reviews, ratings across 100+ sites, and how you stack up against your competitors.

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