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    Renesent Online Marketplace For Suppliers Showcases Your Products & Services Globally.

    Renesent’s Online Marketplace for Suppliers connects buyers and sellers through an online website or application allowing them to do business efficiently. Buyers choose what they want and sellers get a variety of customers.

    Increase Your Brand Visibility And Sell Faster

    Company Profile

    Set up your company profile, thereby giving the buyers an insight into your business and the products that you sell. Finally, start creating listings for the products that you want to sell. Thereby showcasing your products and services to leading retailer buyers worldwide

    Products and Services

    Renesent’s online marketplace will showcase all the products that you have listed so that buyers can view, select, and buy the products. In order to get the highest sell-through for your products and services, please ensure that all your listings include the following:

    1. Photo of the product
    2. All technical details of the product
    3. Pricing details
    4. Shipment terms and mode of shipment
    5. Purchase minimums if applicable

    The above-mentioned points are important because the more details you share, the higher the likelihood of converting sales.

    Sell directly to the buyer

    Renesent’s online marketplace for sellers enables you to track payments, streamline operations, track deliveries, and settle commissions.

    Become a Seller on Renesent.com and Reach Buyers from Around The Globe or in your Neighborhood.


    Moreover, once you have made a sale, Renesent’s online marketplace for suppliers keeps you in constant touch with the buyers and distributors. Thereby enabling you to address any issues regarding, payment and shipping.


    The Renesent marketplace enables you to reach out directly to buyers and distributors. Besides, you can also use the marketplace assistants at Renesent to give you leads and introduce you to selected buyers from our database. Hence, you can take a more proactive approach towards selling your products.  


    Renesent also sends out review requests to the buyers and posts these reviews to platforms of your choice. Hence, you can build your reputation on your website, social media, business directories, and review platforms.

    Market Your Brand with Renesent’s Directory


    Review the references and reviews of the service providers in our directory. Besides we offer complete listing information on each vendor so that you can contact them directly and evaluate them.


    Renesent’s marketplace connects you to all the service providers you may require to sell your products. Therefore our directory contains listings of hundreds tested and reputed vendors specializing in areas like shipping, transport, and logistics.

    Get quotes

    Finally, the Renesent directory enables you to get instant quotes, or book a service directly on the Renesent platform.

    Sign Up For A Free Account Today & Start Selling Your Products & Services

    Enhanced profile

    The reviews and ratings you get from each sale will improve your brand visibility by ranking you high on the first page of search results.

    Verified profile

    Renesent enables you to upload copies of your business registration and certifications, thereby giving the prospective buyer confidence in transacting business with you. Doing this will, of course, increase your sell-through rates.

    Renesent endorsement

    Renesent executives will make sure to help your close deals, taking care of your marketing and sales

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