Renesent's omnichannel solutions are a sales approach that provides the customer with a seamless browsing and buying experience. For example, the customer can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a brick and mortar store. Hence, omnichannel solutions ensure that the customer experience is seamless across all these channels.

Omnichannel solutions across your business chain.


In the first place, use Renesent's omnichannel solution to connect with your customers across channels like the web, mobile app, email, and chat.


Secondly, a unified connection means better context, smoother interactions, and less repetition.


Finally, with a combined reporting for all dashboards, you can easily manage and monitor all of your channels from one place. Hence, customer interaction becomes seamless.

Integrated customer support

Renesent’s omnichannel solutions are a beautifully simple system for addressing and resolving customer issues. Hence, the process of tracking, prioritizing, and solving issues has been simplified with the use of sales tickets. Thereby making customer support a simple process.

Knowledgebase and smart self-service

It’s easy to create a knowledge domain so that customers can resolve support issues themselves. In fact, most customers prefer to resolve issues themselves, besides it’s great for businesses too. Resent Companies can deflect tickets using smart AI-powered tools like Answer Bot, to extend customer and agent satisfaction while also reducing support costs.

Live chat and messaging

With Renesent’s Chat and Message, you’ll engage customers in real-time and in context. Hence, customers can get their queries and issues resolved quickly.

Call center software

For complex problems, it’s better to use more personalized support. Renesent makes it easy and efficient for agents to assist customers over the phone as a part of seamless omnichannel support experience.

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