Renesent enables landlords and real-estate brokers an immediate way to generate supplemental revenue with unused spaces


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Our team will set up your space with all the equipment, remodeling, and products quickly so that you can sit back and enjoy the cash.

Thousands of businesses trust renesent.



We begin remodeling (if needed), security (if applicable), insurance, equipment such as shelving, refrigeration, packing tables and materials within 2-3 weeks.


Hiring fulfillment personnel to cater local clientele for shipping and handling 2-3 weeks (partners who provide shipping and handling will receive higher revenue share).


Our team prepares all marketing material and channels including setting up the local buzz for the new operation.

How it works

Renesent invests majority of the capital to launch each location for a ready to go distribution center

A marketing campaign is tailored to local audiences by Renesent for products to be sold for pickup and delivery.

Renesent provides partners weekly or monthly payouts directly.

Fast, Flexible Shipping Options.

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Top of the list for business and enterprise.

Customers are loving Renesent

Renesent made it beyond easy to ship orders, especially in our most difficult times with such long delays. Renesent was able to help me ship my products as fast as possible, with an amazing customer support team who are always ready and willing to help.


- Rafael S. Morisson

Renesent was able to help me promptly ship all my products across the U.S. The support team is always there to help with any issues that may occur during the process. Greatest company to help assist exporting products.

- Robert D. Stephens

Renesent helped me tailor a campaign to an audience that targeted all local audiences. Using this process, I was able to ship orders not just locally but all across the U.S.

- Sandra M. Willick


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