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      Media and Entertainment

      Renesent helps small to medium-sized Media and Entertainment companies in three ways. Firstly, we help you create and deliver great digital marketing content that builds your brand awareness and draws traffic to your website. Secondly, our technology helps you manage your backroom operations more efficiently. Last but not least, we offer solutions that help in monitoring your customer's behavior and preferences.  

      Creative content for media and entertainment

      For a start, you need to realize that digital marketing is not a one-time effort. Because for long term benefits, your marketing efforts need to be ongoing. The following 5 low cost and high impact solutions are a must for all small to medium-sized media and entertainment companies.

      1. Blogging for SEO: Write about problems that your customers are searching for. Renesent provides your fresh and topical blog content.
      2. Video marketing on YouTube: YouTube is the world's third-largest search engine. Renesent will help you create video content that answers the consumer's search while helping you build awareness of your brand and the content you offer.
      3. Social Media Marketing: Renesent helps you identify and focus on the 1-2 platforms that house most of your users. Focus your efforts instead of spreading yourself too thin.
      4. Email Marketing: Besides, every time Renesent posts a new blog on your website, we send out a newsletter to your customers. This is a great way to drive traffic to your website.
      5. Forum and Community Boards: Communities and forums like Reddit, Quora, and Facebook pages can be great marketing channels, hence your presence here will help in building awareness.

      Renesent's backroom technology for media and entertainment powerhouse

      Renesent's technology also helps in automating your back-office functions including billing, operations, and support. Besides, we also help in managing and tracking how your customers consume your content. Finally, a mobile-friendly dashboard helps you monitor and control all these activities.

      Consumer analytics for media and entertainment

      Renesent offers you insights into your consumer's viewing patterns so that you can better tailor their viewing experience. Besides, this also helps you identify their interests, and hence you can offer content suggestions that match their interests.

      All-in-one solution with Zendesk


      Take control

      Get real-time reporting with proactive dashboard on your phone. Track customer behavior as well as customer success with data analytics that will make your business run smoothly and faster than ever!

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