We at Renesent are passionate about investing in startups, because a startup is our roots. Hence, we believe in investing our resources in technology and solutions that address the needs of a startup and help them grow into strong companies. In Renesent, you have a friend who understands your needs and challenges, a friend who will help you overcome the initial issues.

investing in startups

Renesent Solution For A Startup


Email, chat, phone, social media support customers


Grow your knowledge base and improve support with easy self-service applications


Drive sales online or in-store with our chat application. Hence build and enhance customer engagement.


Use analytics to gain valuable insights into customer behavior. Tailor product and brand experience according to the customers need.

Services For A Startup

Integrate your business tools

You’ve invested time and money in your business tools. However, since they came from different sources they don't seem to work well together. Hence the flow of information across your business is not smooth. That’s why Renesent helps integrate these tools seamlessly. Besides, our APIs and SDKs make it easy to run your different tools as one complete and flexible platform. Because, as a startup the last thing you should spend your time on troubleshooting your business tools.

Startups are where our heart is

PRRO, Goodly and Renesent were started by an equivalent entrepreneur. to offer back to our startup community, we’ve partnered with 250+ organizations—in the USA and round the globe.

Are you an incubator or an investor?

If you've got a thought that you simply believe is that the next big thing in science and technology, join Renesent for the Startups partner program. consider it as an extension of your operations with a free workspace, without the management fees

How to apply

There are two simple requirements: You must be a replacement customer of Renesent, You Must have fewer than 100 employees Bonus: related to one among our partner incubators or accelerators

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