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    Most frequent questions and answers

    How Are negative reviews removed?

    Our software automatically scans finds and reports inconsistent behaviour of negative reviews (below 4 stars) on every platform your company exists, including unsolicited rip-off reports, pissed off consumer articles and many more that appear on search engines. With Renesent's advanced algorithm consumer sites MUST block and terminate the poster profile removing them from database for good for violating web guidelines.

    How long does it take to remove reviews?

    Reviews can be deleted in a matter of a couple hours, days, weeks, and in some occasions months. Everything depends on how long ago the review was posted, how active or popular the review or reviewer is and whether or not you already flagged or respond to the review.

    Is it legal?

    Yes. We would not do anything to jeopardize our clients. The technology we use is the same technology Google and Yelp use to track our cookies

    How many reviews are removed?

    We can remove all negatives within the first 30 days if all platforms are logged out of and history is deleted from computers. Also response comments should be removed before initiation to avoid delays.

    Do you remove more than just negative reviews?

    We also remove articles from anywhere on the web. Ask about our suppression technology to find out more.

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