Frequently Asked Questions

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For Buyers

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Currently we are accepting payments directly through Shopify payment portal, you can checkout using amazon/apple pay or use debit card/ credit card to submit your orders.

Q: To where do you ship? How long does it takes to process an order before it is dispatched?

A: Generally all orders are processed within 24 hours. We ship our products to entire United States.

Q: Do you ship packages internationally?

A: Yes we do ship internationally for bulk orders.

Q: Do you allow cancellation for a change of mind? If so, how long do customers have to contact you?

A: Yes we allow cancellations within 12 hours of time, you can email us at or call us on (415) 212-5211 with your order detail. Cancellation will not accepted after the product is shipped.

Q: What can I return?

A: A Items are returnable if you've received them in a condition that is physically damaged, has missing parts or accessories, defective or different from its description on the product detail page on

Q: How to request a return?

Q: When will I get my refund?

A: All refunds are credits within maximum of 8-10 business days

Q: What are the return guidelines?

A: Following are the return guidelines:
- Your address and the item that you wish to return must be eligible for return.
- If the return is not eligible for Pickup, a Self-Return option will be given.
- Once the return is received, you will, in accordance with Refund Policy, be issued a refund to your original payment method.

Q: Do you offer loyalty points or reward points, gift certificates, etc.?

Yes we do offer loyalty points and rewards for our regular buyers - check out more on Business referral page

For Sellers

Q: What should I upload?

A: You should upload photos you took, a picture you painted, images you created, sound or videos you recorded, or your business’s logo etc., as long as you have the appropriate intellectual property rights to the Content and you are comfortable that your recipients will not find your Content offensive. Almost all works are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights, even if they are accessible on the internet. Therefore, you should assume that you need to obtain permission to use any material that you did not create, including material downloaded from the internet.

Q: What shouldn’t I upload?

A: In general, follow community standards of common sense and good taste. Do not upload:
Images, audio, video or text to which you do not own the intellectual property rights, for example:
Any names or images of other persons without their permission, including celebrities.
Any names, trademarks or logos of companies, sports teams, colleges/universities, clubs, or organizations unless you are authorized to use them.
Obscene or otherwise offensive images or Content, including Content that depicts violence, illegally exploits images or likenesses of minors, or is hateful towards an individual or group of people.
Any other material that is generally offensive or in bad taste, as determined by Renesent.
Note: This should NOT be construed as an exhaustive list of prohibited material but rather as general guidelines. Renesent will determine, in its sole and absolute discretion, whether your materials and Content are in compliance with these Guidelines.

Q: What if I upload Content that violates these Guidelines?

A: We may take any action we deem appropriate, including cancelling your order. If your order is cancelled, you will receive a notification and a refund if you have already been charged.

Q: How do I upload Content?

A: Please follow the instructions provided while using the Service.

Uploading means sending a copy of the Content over your internet connection from your computer or other device to Renesent. You will still have a copy on your computer or device.

Q: What if I receive an inappropriate Gift Card or Message?

A: If you feel that the Content you received is illegal, offensive, pornographic, an infringement of any intellectual property rights, or otherwise violates Renesent's guidelines, please contact Renesent customer service and explain the nature of the offense.

Q: Who owns the images I upload?

Q: How can I make it easier for customers to find my product?

A: You can ensure that your product listing has complete and correct title, author/artist/actor, and subject information. This information helps customers easily find items they will want to purchase in our store.

Q: Do you sell advertising on your site?

A: At this time, we do not sell banner advertising on our site. However, for information on Co-op promotional opportunities, please get in touch with us directly at


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