The retail marketplace is moving from in-store shopping to online purchasing, and this is driven in part by cloud computing. E-commerce cloud offers the benefits of scalability, stability, cost savings, and higher transaction speeds.

Renesent offers you the most advanced e-commerce cloud solution for both B2C and B2B channels. Besides, our E-commerce solutions offer seamless integration between your sales, marketing, and services functions.

e-commerce on cloud

B2C Commerce

Respond to buyers anytime, anywhere with our B2C e-commerce solution

Master Mobile Commerce

With Renesent, you can reduce abandoned carts by 40% due to Faster page loads Ability to target the abandoners with remarketing, One-touch payment, and a Mobile-friendly user interface.

B2B Commerce

Offer your buyers the seamless, self-service experience of online shopping with all the B2B functionality. Besides, our easy to use online buying features enable your customers to enjoy their shopping experiences, just as they do in their real life.

Encourage Digital Commerce

Furthermore, your customers can access and purchase from your digital inventory, thereby allowing the store associates to ship the merchandise in real-time.

Empower Customer Service Teams.

Help service agents sell over-the-phone orders and to check out merchandise on behalf of your customers. Besides this, you can also maintain real-time access to digital storefronts and every customers order history.

Keep Customers Paying

Build customer loyalty faster and ensure repeat business with guided buying experiences that are fast, efficient, and personal.


Introduce your brand to your consumer on the channels that they use. Besides this, you can build your engagement levels with the customer based on a complete view of all their activities and orders. Finally, you can convert browsers into customers with our highly personalized AI-based experiences.

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