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    Machine-Learning Powered Conversations

    Your Renesent assistant is smart enough to identify the intent of your prospect’s email, and responds accordingly based on your customized conversation tree. Once your prospect has fulfilled the Conversation’s call-to-action, Renesent hands over the qualified lead to you to take the next step.

    Machine learning conversation

    Conversational Capabilities

    Here are some of the different skills that your Renesent AI assistant is capable of – with some creativity, she is able to handle most use-cases.

    Contextual Email Outreach

    Renesent helps you add that personal touch to your email outreach. While importing leads from your system of record (or CSV file), Renesent is able to pick up specific attributes to tailor your conversations to every individual lead.

    Share More With Attachments

    Your Renesent AI assistant is able to handle specific information requests to help move the conversation forward. Our Renesent Content Manager empowers you to upload and share relevant marketing and informational collateral with your prospects.

    Handling Referrals In Replies

    Connect seamlessly with the right decision maker when she is looped into the email thread. Your Renesent assistant is able to identify new relevant lead, stores them in your database, and carries on the conversation.

    Enrich Lead Data And Insights

    Renesent helps you glean valuable insights by turning unstructured data from email conversations into structured data. Your AI assistant is able to pick up phone numbers, job titles, rejection reasons, and more - and tags them neatly to each lead's record.

    Re-Engage Leads

    Your assistant is able to identify if it's not a good time to further engage a prospect, and goes the extra mile in capturing a relevant follow-up date.

    Handover To Sales Rep

    Renesent plays well with the rest of your sales team. When a lead is ready to take the next step, your AI assistant will handover the conversation to your sales team.


    Renesent is built to be powerful, flexible and extensible. Going beyond canned scripts and pre-crafted workflows, Renesent allows you to build your own AI assistant the way that best represents your brand.

    Topic Builder

    Set up the engagement logic of your AI assistant by piecing together the ‘lego blocks’ of Engagement Rules


    Human Review

    When your assistant receives a response it’s unable to handle, she will escalate it to your Renesent administrator. Through ongoing monitoring of your conversations, your Renesent assistant is able to expand its handling of conversation rules.


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