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      Cloud Computing for Philanthropy

      All charities can use cloud computing for philanthropy and benefit from an adaptable and flexible IT platform. Furthermore, the cloud solution comes with significant cost savings. Let's look at five reasons why you should adopt cloud technology for your charity.

      cloud computing for philanthropy
      mobility on cloud computing

      1. Cloud Computing for Philanthropy

      MOBILITY Cloud solutions are mobile by design. Hence, you are not server bound. You charity has remote hosting, and you can access it from anywhere via the internet ('the cloud'). Hence you get maximum workforce flexibility with cloud solutions.

      In addition, cloud computing is also a cost-effective solution. Your employees can use a simple cloud-based email or CRM to access all the data from their mobile phones. Thereby giving your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. In addition, customized solutions such as Hosted Desktops allow your employees to remotely log in to their desktops and access their entire suite of software applications.

      2. Cloud Computing for Philanthropy - Cost Savings

      The simple fact is that the cost of in-house IT is more expensive than cloud computing. Specifically, when you add up the direct costs (servers and support manpower) and indirect costs (electricity and airconditioning).

      According to several surveys, adopting a cloud solution can lead to a saving of 20% to 50%, over in-house IT costs, because of lower infrastructure and maintenance costs. Hence, charities can free up cash flow for other operational areas.

      cost savings on cloud for philanthropy
      cloud computing gives scalability

      3. Scalability

      Charities often have a variable staffing requirement. Factors like projects in hand and collaborations with other charities and partners define the staffing requirement at charities. Besides, a significant portion of the staff are volunteers. Hence, the IT solution for a charity should be highly flexible, while minimizing the financial impact on the organization.
      With in-house IT, this flexibility can become an issue as you are already tied into paying annual fees for the user licenses, and there are no refunds if your manpower level drops.
      Cloud solutions issue licenses on a monthly basis thereby giving the organizations the flexibility to scale up or down with minimal financial impact.

      4. Reliability

      Server failure is both expensive and also wastes many hours of valuable time. A critical failure, for any significant length of time, can negatively impact a charity’s ability to deliver.
      Renesent delivers a 99.99% uptime, thereby allowing your organization to keep your service running smoothly. In addition, we offer dual site redundancy, which means that if one set of equipment were to fail, we would have you up and running from our back up system.

      cloud computing is relaiable
      enhanced security with cloud computing

      5. Enhanced Security

      One of the biggest fears of moving to the cloud is the perceived risk of outsourcing confidential data to a third party. However, the fact is that cloud systems are often more secure than your in-house servers.

      Please feel free to contact us for further clarification.

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