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      Boost the performance of your enterprises.

      Enterprises have a large and diverse base of customers, each with their unique set of preferences and behavior patterns. Besides, these enterprises also have a large talent pool spread across multiple functions and locations. Hence, the technology required to make everything get into a cohesive whole is the order of the day. Therefore this is where Renesent enters the picture with our solutions for enterprises.

      crm for enterprises

      Renesent for Enterprise Approach

      A complicated workflow can lead to less efficient agents, increasing support costs, and low customer satisfaction ratings. Give your customers the highest quality of support with custom workflows, business rules, and a across-the-board knowledge base.
      See how Renesent can help you achieve a positive ROI !

      Customer relationship management for enterprises

      Make your clients feel number one

      Perfect customer service is all about keeping in touch with your customers while learning about their issues and hence acting on your customer’s queries and concerns. Because an enterprise has a large and diverse base of customers, therefore you need tools that can segment, your customers in order to offer them personalized service. Besides, the customer expects these services on a channel of their preference. Our technology-led platforms can help you achieve all this.

      Scale up your workflow

      Besides, a large and diverse company means managing multiple assignees and their many unique skill sets. Therefore, Renesent gives you the flexibility to customize your support solution with tools like advanced workflow capabilities and also provides AI-powered automation and self-service support. Hence service tickets get assigned to the right customer service agent who has the knowledge and authority to solve that problem.


      Renesent CRM is our open, flexible CRM platform. Our CRM is built on AWS and lets you connect seamlessly across your existing hardware. Besides, you can collect and interpret your customer data from all the channels.


      Our Renesent Customer Experience team offers an effective combination of broad customer service expertise and deep product knowledge. Hence it enables you to deliver the best customer experience.

      Automate everything

      Lastly, Renesent AutoBot uses machine learning to help answer your customer questions with content from your knowledge base. The automated replies it sends are tailored to each customer’s question accurately and reliably—every time. This frees up your team to help customers with more complex or higher priority issues.

      CRM for enterprises 3

      Renesent for Scaling Enterprises

      CRM for enterprises 2

      Made for scale

      The Renesent customer service and engagement platform also help businesses to provide the best customer experiences to their clients. Hence, our enterprise customer support solution helps you in handling a globally dispersed team more efficiently. Thereby allowing you to better align your operations and your customers. Thus allowing you to deliver customer satisfaction around the globe.

      Products and insights

      Customize your support and configure your workflow across all levels. Renesent allows you to monitor and respond to all customer engagements from one unified dashboard. Hence all your communications across email, chat, phone, or self-service can be addressed in real-time. Besides this our analytic tool gives you an insight into customer behavior. What are they buying? Why are they buying that specific product? What is the frequency of their purchase? Answers to questions like these will help you in crafting high impact marketing strategies.

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